We get our ownership information from the County's tax records.  Unless very recently plugged, YOU WOULD NOT BE ON THE TAX ROLL UNLESS YOU OWNED IN A PRODUCING PROPERTY and thus you would not have received a letter from us.  You need to recover any funds in "suspense" prior to selling to us.

A.  If you are receiving checks or DIRECT DEPOSIT but are not getting your check details, you should call the company paying you and ask for emailed or mailed copies of the check detail statements (the back up that should come with each check).   Many companies use a reporting system you can log into to get your check details including and, or in some cases, the oil company's own website.  When you signed up for direct deposit, the documentation would have mentioned the appropriate service. IF YOU CANNOT FIGURE OUT WHICH SERVICE IS APPROPRIATE, CALL OR EMAIL ME.


  1. BUT YOU ARE RECEIVING TAX BILLS AND/OR VALUATIONS-this would indicate that you own under a lease that is STILL PRODUCING. 

    Call the last known company from whom you were receiving payments (the Purchaser) and ask them why you are not being paid.  You may be in "minimum suspense" meaning the checks must accumulate to a certain total amount before being released, or the Purchaser may have changed.  The last Purchaser usually knows who the new purchaser is or at least who the Operator is.

    The Operator is the company responsible for the day-to-day production from the lease and is responsible determining who will purchase oil or gas from the lease.  The Operator may or may not be the same company as the company that should be paying you.  The company paying you is the Purchaser.  To get the name of the Purchaser, call the Operator to find out who is purchasing.

    To determine who the Operator is, you may also look on your tax bill or valuation for the name of the Operator of the lease(s) under which you own.  You can also call the County Tax Appraiser, Assessor-Collector, or Treasurer for the County in which the interest resides and ask them to look up your name in the oil and gas tax roll for your Operator's name.  Frequently, they can give you an address for the Operator which will assist you in finding the number in information.  Sometimes the Operator's name is also on our letter.  The Operator's phone number can be located on the Railroad Commission Website at:

    RRC Oil & Gas Directory - Operator Contact Information

    If you cannot find it otherwise, call me and I will try and give you the correct phone number for the Operator or Purchaser.

    Once you identify the Purchaser, you can call them and ask for their Division Order, Royalty Relation, or Revenue Distribution Department and ask for assistance in determining the status of your interest.

  2. BUT YOU PREVIOUSLY RECEIVED TAX BILLS AND/OR VALUATIONS BUT NO LONGER DO-this would indicate that the lease(s) you owned under is/are no long producing or you have moved and not notified the County Appraisal District of your new address. Call the Tax Office for the County in which the interest is located.

​​C.  IF YOU RECEIVE CHECKS, BUT HAVE LOST OR THROWN THEM AWAY, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AS ABOVE TO LOCATE YOUR OPERATOR AND THE PURCHASER OF PRODUCTS FROM YOUR LEASE.  Several of the companies distributing revenue do so through their own websites or through commercial services such as Typically a GOOGLE search using the paying company's name and the words "royalty revenue distribution" will locate the appropriate site.