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Receive an Offer for your Oil and Gas Royalty Interests

TAS Royalty Company is committed to providing you with a quick response and a fair offer for your oil and gas royalty interests. If you would like to receive an offer for your royalty interest, complete as much of the information below as you can easily find, and we will get started. You are under no obligation to sell your mineral rights, but should you decide to, we'll make the transaction simple and take care of all the paperwork for you. We will pay 100% of the current year's property taxes. Just send your tax bill back with your conveyance.

Volume Risk and Price Risk

Owning oil and gas interests has two main types of risk that an owner needs to be aware of. Factors outside of your control may result in large and unexpected gains, or may lead to sudden loss of income. In this blog post, I’ll explain how I view these factors.